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Architect's Son

Release Date: 07.28.08
Record label: Self-Released
Genre(s): Rock


Good Song + Good Producing = Great
by: Tim Wardyn

Karim Fanous has led a very different life from most singer/songwriters. He was born in Saudi Arabia to an award-winning architect (hence the song title) and has spent the better part of his adult life in the U.K. "Architect's Son" is a melancholy take on being just that. Inspired by two of Karim's favorite designs by his father, Fanous takes a folk approach to seeing "these shapes fill the sky" and "how can someone see such beauty?" This is a good song by itself, but producer Martin Terefe took the production reigns and made it great. Terefe's specialty is singer/songwriters as he has worked with Jason Mraz, KT Tunstall, Ron Sexsmith, Martha Wainright, Yusuf Islam and Tristan Prettyman among others. Claes Bjorkland from the band Travis also played all the instruments. With "Architect's Son" Karim Fanous has gained some high-profile friends and is starting to emerge as an artist on the rise. 28-Jul-2008