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Japan for Sale Vol. 2

Release Date: 03.12.02
Record label: sony music imports
Genre(s): Rock


Move Over, Cibo Matto
by: bill aicher

After listening to Japan For Sale vol. 2, however, it becomes clear just how wrong - for this album proves that the Japanese music scene is one of the most interesting scenes going on right now.

Take the intro track, "Nakanaide" by Mayu Kitaki. It's a perfect example of Janet Jackson meets Japanese vocals, only better. You'll be hard-pressed to find a cuter pop song than this.

Or move on to DJ Krush's "Candle Chant (A Tribute)." There's a reason Krush has become one of the premier names in hip-hop, and this track shows why. The infectious guitar / beat loop with unbelievably smooth rhymes makes this track alone worth the price of the disc. Think MC Solaar with Portishead laying the beats.

Boom Boom Satellites offer up their usual hard-edge electronica on "Soliloquy." A smoothed-out NIN-esque electorock jam, it shows why the Satellites have long been one of the Japanese acts to watch for in the U.S. - and where rock should be heading.

The album continues to tread throughout genres, thoroughly displaying why the Japanese music scene simply cannot be dismissed as nothing more than pop-idol chasing teens. With the Daft Punk styled synth-funk of "Stereo Nights," Takkyu Ishino shines and the duo of Puffy Amiyumi offer the delicious Vacation-era Go-Go's meet 60's cheese-organ sugarcoated pop track "Atarashii Hibi (Brand New Days)" - a track so syrupy sweet that it just oozes through your ears, dripping all over your body.

So yes, if you haven't picked up on it, this is an excellent compilation disc - especially for those new to the Japanese music scene. Even the cover art designed by L.A.-based artist, Shag.

Basically, this album is nothing short of cool. 04-Apr-2002 5:30 PM