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Hiding in the Light

Release Date: 07.16.08
Record label: Egg Records
Genre(s): Rock


Flower People!! Where you at???
by: Tim Wardyn

The debut album from Everything’s Gone Green, <i>Hiding in the Light</i> takes the ‘70’s stoner sound of The Mooney Suzuki and combines it with the choral craziness of The Polyphonic Spree to create a sound that fits the name of the group perfectly.


"Cosmic Life" is a straight-up stoner single that would’ve fit perfectly at the first Woodstock. The bridge would have streakers and flower people singing "Harmony! Is that so bad?"


"The Longest Springtime" invokes the positive tone of The Polyphonic Spree while singing about trees and honeybees. The title track, however, rips off a bass line from The Magic Numbers and still manages to make it about nature.


Everything’s Gone Green is perfect for the flower generation or for anyone who is obsessively environmental. I am all for doing what we can to help the environment, but this is too much for me or anyone else who is relatively normal.