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Release Date: 05.18.99
Record label: bmg
Genre(s): Rock


Millenium label: bmg released: 05.18.99 our score: 3.0 out of 5.0

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by: gerry

Back Street back all right!!!!!!

Millenium, the new album from B.S.B is sure to be another smash hit guaranteed to go platinum. Much like their first album these five boys sing love songs to drive young and older girls wild.

Guys don't worry you to will enjoy there new album as well. It contains lots of songs we can all relate with. Every things from "I love you", "I'm sorry" and "Back off I don't want you."

Everybody will be singin along to these magnificent songs, as they all incorporate catchy hooks and memorable lyrics. Even the biggest critic will sing along as long as no one is looking.

To tell you the truth not every song will be a smash hit but well over 75% of them will be. Their first single "I want it That way" is simply outstanding. I can't stop singing this song in my head. It has been topping the charts since its release, and has enjoyed an overwhelming amount of radio play.

Back Street Boys - congratulations on another best selling album.


Editor's Note : Regardless of how trite the lyrics may be on this album, and dismissing the fact that most of their fans are girls who "think they are hot," the Backstreet Boys are good at what they do. The new album contains formulated songs very reminiscient of their first album, which is sure to please their fans. Their voices mix as good if not better on the new album, and yes - they are still cute from what my lady friends tell me.