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Sending in the Lions

OTT Band

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Sending in the Lions ( England Expects!)
by: James Mitchell

With the world cup approaching more and more unofficial world cup anthems are coming thru our letter box, here is the latest one we received by a band called the OTT band.

In a nutshell this band is as lyrically competent as a young PJ and Duncan's (Ant and Dec) when they sung the 2002 world cup song entitled "On the ball". Although this is no Badiel and Skinner - Three lions (1996 or 1998) it is certainly more catchy than the official song "World at your feet" which sounds more like a Ballad and at least this can be shouted in the stands

"Clap your hands come on and singstamp your feet were going to get the bling !" or the line "Cause we are sending in the lions , listen to the roar ! Its been forty years and we ain't waiting anymore !".

There is a myth surrounding football songs and World cup anthems. They can make or break a career, Ant and Dec lived on from their dreadful song and are now doing very well for themselves I just hope that the career of this band can do the same!

The song was released on the 15th May , it can be downloaded from their website - www.ottband.co.uk , and listen out for it in a pub or world cup venue near you !