Select and Compare: TC Helicon Voice Live Play to the TC Helicon Harmony Singer 2

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 TC Helicon Voice Live PlayContestant number one is the TC Helicon Voice Live Play.

 TC Helicon Harmony Singer 2Next let's have a look at the TC Helicon Harmony Singer 2. Do you sing and play the guitar? In that case, you are going to love TC Helicon Harmony Singer 2!

But what about the TC Helicon Harmony Singer 2



TC Helicon Voice Live Play

TC Helicon Harmony Singer 2


+ Over 200 preset sounds from famous songs and artists
+ Great for beginners
+ Sing along with your MP3 player

+ 3-year warranty
+ Use with your guitar
+ Stompbox


With over 200 songs and artist inspired presets you can be sure to find sounds that you like! Cons: - Quality could be higher

It’s an effect pedal that will let your singing and playing guitar come together in a harmonious marriage of melody! Cons: - Poor quality

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