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See how the Bose SoundTrue stacks up against the Bose QuietComfort 35 in today's product comparison. You might think it all comes down to the price, but frankly there is a lot more to it. If you find this article interesting, you might also want to read 10 Best Sounding Headphones in 2023

 Bose SoundTrueThe first product we will be looking at is the Bose SoundTrue.

 Bose QuietComfort 35The second product we will be examining in this comparison is the Bose QuietComfort 35.


Bose SoundTrue

Bose QuietComfort 35


+ Ear cushions with memory foam
+ Four unique color options
+ Padded headband for comfort
+ Soft carrying bag included

+ Alexa-enabled voice access
+ Impressive noise cancellation
+ Noise-rejecting dual microphone
+ App available for updates


The memory foam added to the ear cushions will surprise you with the way they mold themselves to the side of your head and to your ears, which guarantees maximal- and long-lasting comfort.

That this is one of our top 10 headphones should come as no surprise! It is a bit more expensive than some of the other headphone brands, but the quality and the option to upgrade your earphones using the app makes it worth it.

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