How do they stack up? The ChromaCast CC-SAMPLE Sampler vs the Dunlop Tortex Standard.50mm

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 ChromaCast CC-SAMPLE SamplerFirst, let's have a look at the ChromaCast CC-SAMPLE Sampler.

 Dunlop Tortex Standard.50mmThe second product we will be examining in this comparison is the Dunlop Tortex Standard.50mm.


ChromaCast CC-SAMPLE Sampler

Dunlop Tortex Standard.50mm


+ Multiple Sizes
+ Celluloid
+ 12-pack
+ Wide variety of genres

+ Thin gauge
+ Minimum wear, maximum memory
+ Great for rhythm
+ 12-pack


Along with the first pick on our list, this sampler pack gives you many options when it comes to the size of the pick you want to use. You can range from being a beatkeeping strummer to a shredder in the same pack.

When you're playing rhythm guitar, having a nice smooth attack on the strings is really important. This thin tortoiseshell pick offers you the suaveness you need.

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