How do they stack up? The BOSS Audio 508UAB vs the Pioneer Single-DIN In-Dash

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 BOSS Audio 508UABFirst, let's have a look at the BOSS Audio 508UAB.

 Pioneer Single-DIN In-DashThe challenger is the Pioneer Single-DIN In-Dash.


BOSS Audio 508UAB

Pioneer Single-DIN In-Dash


+ Electronic Skip Protection for CDs
+ Wireless remote
+ Tuner can be switched for US and European broadcasts
+ Pre-amp outputs
+ Bluetooth for hands-free calls

+ CD player
+ Includes Alphasonik earbuds
+ Bass Boost button
+ AUX and USB connectivity
+ Detachable faceplate


If you’ve still got a big CD collection, then this might be the best car stereo for you because it offers perfect CD playback, and the Electronic Skip Protection means your favorite tunes won’t ever get interrupted or skip.

This single din head unit from Pioneer is proof that the best stereos don’t have to break the bank, as you get everything you could want from this car stereo at an affordable price.

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