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U. Kay Hytz

An Acute Sense of the Absurd)

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An Acute Sense of the Absurd
by: Tim Wardyn

Electronic music that is ambient and thought-provoking, mainly provoking one of two thoughts: "Why am I listening to this?" or "This isn't half bad." That is what "An Acute Sense of the Absurd" by U. Kay Hytz (or uk heights) sounds like on the first listen. Subsequent listens are unnecessary especially if you are not into electronica. For those craving electronic music, this might just be your thing.

The album starts out extremely slow with the first two tracks combining to make one low drone and sounding more like something that was thrown together by Silo 10, then by a group that's been around for 15 years.

The only redeeming track on this 9-song eternity is "Burning Train" which sounds like a demented Enigma cover with the repeated "You're on a burning train" chorus and the vocals from what seems to be a possessed monk reading a poem entitled "There is Peace." It's creepy enough to keep you awake until the next track "Burning Train - Reprise."

"Fireburn" would be right at home at a rave with a danceable beat, and thankfully it's not the same basic electronic dance beat that is typically heard at a rave. It's a great track to keep the dance going towards the beginning of the night, before it really gets heated up. "An Acute Sense of the Absurd" is a good album for those into electronica. It's diverse enough to keep from getting boring, but cohesive enough to listen to straight through. If you are not into electronica (like me), then the title is exactly what you'll be feeling while listening to this album.