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Various Artists

A Tribute to the Chemical Brothers

Release Date: 08.13.02
Record label: Cleopatra
Genre(s): Rock


Immitation Is the Best Form of Flattery...Sometimes
by: tom reiter

At first glance this compilation cd looks like an interesting collection of some independent remixes of Chemical Brothers tracks, offering a chance to hear a new twist on some familiar tracks. I figured I'd forgoe my intuition telling me the cheap cover art and the fact that it was tagged "A Tribute to..." and give it a shot. I couldn't have found a better way to waste $14.

The producers of this album suckered me in by using the word "remix" to describe each track rather than "cheap cover of the original." Ever hear one of those disco or funk hits compilation albums? The ones that don't list the original artist because all the tracks are simply good tries at reproducing the original, but not quite the same? Well, that's essentially what this is. It's like each artist took the Chemical Brothers masterpieces and tried to copy them. Granted, most of us couldn't even come close to what the Chemi's have laid down, so I have to give some credit there. But to go and tout this as an album of remixes and package it as such is simply deceiving.

Spend your money on either the singles or the complete albums that these tracks are on and you will come out way ahead. If you've already got the originals, don't waste your time or money.