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Paddy\'s Revenge

Release Date: 09.15.08
Record label: 3 Beat Blue
Genre(s): Rock


Why Have Seven Versions of the Same Crappy Song
by: Tim Wardyn

What do you put on the speakers when you have a club full of Irish who are tired of the same Irish tunes? "Paddy’s Revenge" by Steve Mac, that’s what. This CD single has 7(!) versions of the song, which has no words, but it does have basically the same headache-inducing beat on every single track. Yes, this is something you can dance to and it is perfect for a rave. It is also a little bit different since it incorporates a synthesized bagpipe, but at over 42 minutes, it seems a way too excessive for one song. Even if I was going to have a party and wanted to incorporate the song, I would only use one. Seven versions of the same song are way too much even if the song is good. This isn’t even good. Of course, I’m Polish and have no songs to call my own. But I would rather have that, than "Paddy’s Revenge."