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Release Date:
Record label: Lens Records
Genre(s): Rock


by: Claire Mapletoft

Rustcycle is one-man wonder machine Adrian Johnson, who champions trance, house, rock and classical influences in order to produce music that is completely unlike anything you have ever heard before.

The mix of classical violin and guitar riffs makes for an unlikely but successful combination, resulting in some very atmospheric music, which borders on the relaxing and yet remains uplifting.

Rustcycle have been used as backing music to The X-Files and Brokeback Mountain, something which cannot be disregarded. From Daisho alone, it is obvious that Rustcycle are about the breaking of boundaries and the creation of personal expression, with some heavily emotive tracks, such as Yin and Phonic and Anti-Gravity. These two examples are in direct contrast with the heavier electronic sound of Scsi Navel (weird title, I know!) and Tonal Vision.

However, after a few run through's, it starts to wear, and there is only so much electronica that can be taken. The classical influences are what really make this album stand out, and for the better. A CD to listen to whilst stuck inside on rainy September days.