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Darker Corners EP

Release Date: 04.18.08
Record label: Self-Released
Genre(s): Rock


Your basic trip-pop
by: Tim Wardyn

The duo Moonshot sound like they’ve been holed-up in a dank basement for years. Their EP appropriately titled Darker Corners is trip-pop taken from a dark alley and mixed with lyrics that are a combination of accessible and downright creepy.


"Do You Dream of Me?" is equal parts Portishead and Depeche Mode, while the disturbing background combined with breathy vocals on "Clinically Sane" make you wonder if you are in a demented psych ward. The ghostly voice tells you, 'There is nothing That will help to ease your mind There is nothing I can do/ To take away your pain/ My only diagnosis Is your clinically sane."


Moonshot’s Darker Corners EP is perfect for anyone who likes Portishead, Depeche Mode or any blend of electronica and pop music.