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Release Date: 12.04.07
Record label: Orectic Records
Genre(s): Rock


Mellow Gold
by: Jamie Sampson

Irish one-man-band (he sings, writes and produces all his material) Terence J McGaughney could well be the next Massive Attack. All the key components are there: soft haunting vocals, intensely woven atmosphere, unconventional beats and rhythms. It’s got a refreshing sense of spontaneity, like a live recording, as Millimetre seems to be utilising everything in the vicinity from church bells to percussive utensils to create his intoxicating sound. All he’s really missing on this mellow masterwork is a signature track.

Amidst the seven tracks that flow and bubble along (unsurprisingly one of his inspirations is apparently drowning) with great ingenuity, there’s no real standout classic. The one exception could be the finale, in which Millimetre ups the tempo and we briefly find ourselves in Beck territory for some whistle-and-strum rock. The overall effect of Obsidian is an intriguing exploration in ambience and textures that’s perfect for late night monging. Look out for this one, if there’s any justice, Millimetre will be around for a long time yet.