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Release Date: 1998
Record label: Urlinie Records
Genre(s): Rock


by: bill aicher

What are you doing reading this review?  Don't you have something better to do like watch your fingernails grow?  Oh wait, I get it, you are feeling a little low about your band - you maybe aren't doing as well as you wanted.  Well there is hope for you yet, because if this band was signed to a record label - any band can be signed to a record label.

I will start this out by saying this is the worst music I have ever heard in my entire life.  I have had a lot of my friends and colleagues listen to the CD - at least a track or two, but I still can't find anyone who will go so far as to even say "They aren't that bad".   The truth of the matter is, these people just don't understand music.  Maybe the problem is that the band is from Iraq and I don't know Iraqi musical style very well.   Random noise may be the happening thing there for all I know.

Why does Mig suck so much?  Well, this is the best explanation I can give you of their music - "80's Movie Chase Scene".  There is a steady beat WAAAAAAAY in the background, but it is covered by random noises from a synthesizer.  I think someone let a cat on a synth after it had way too much catnip.  Oh wait, that's a compliment - my bad.