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Timo Maas

Music for the Maases 2

Release Date: 05.06.03
Record label: Hope Recordings / Kinetic Records
Genre(s): Rock


More Than A Clever Title
by: tom reiter

Maas has taken the remix throne in electronic music during the last few years, which was previously dominated by Fatboy Slim. He demonstrates his range of styles by including remixes from artists like Kelis, Garbage and Placebo, taking them from house to big beat and a few places between. He takes Moby's "We Are All Made Of Stars" and darkens it up a bit, adds a more prevalent four-four beat, and the end product bares little resemblance to the original. "Star 69" by Fatboy Slim goes from a heavy four-four house track to a censored break beat version.

Music for the Maases 2 is a solid compilation of Timo's recent work, the fact that he mixed them makes this disc even cooler. If you're a fan of remixes, this is one to add to your collection! Ditto if you're just a fan of cool music. 24-Jun-2003 9:16 AM