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Lin La Folie

La Folie

Release Date: 04.08.00
Record label: the orchard
Genre(s): Rock


Non Pleasers
by: matt cibula

Lin is a group from Florence, Italy, trying to combine indie rock with techno and putting some occasional rapping by a California guy who calls himself UBQT on top. This is not as bizarre as it might sound, which is unfortunate because Lin could use a little more excitement in their steez. They're interesting, but only in theory; once the disc is actually spinning, they're only admirable. And "admirable" is no way for a band to be.

The production is perfect (love those subliminal-but-you-can-still-hear-'em synth squelches on "Sophie's Choice"), and provides a perfect backdrop for singer June's lyrics and monologues about the perils of not-quite-fame ("Sellout Song" is a nice piece of prog-metal slam poetry indeed). And I like an ambitious band, especially when they listen to good music rather than shite.

But in the final analysis, La Foliejust doesn't work. I don't enjoy any of these songs, and I think enjoyment is an important part of music, don't you? And if you're going to have a rapper be so prominent in your group, please pick a better one than UBQT, whose idea of a deep statement is to intone "I ain't no Jesus" over and over again. That's not good…although I heard JC could freestyle like a mutha. 23-Sep-20023:43 PM