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Release Date: 01.01.06
Record label: Artificial Music Machine
Genre(s): Rock


Travelling to the Roots
by: Neil \'Wolfie\'

“Routes” is something very odd in that it was inspired by “a year of travelling to new and untold places” which then comes out as something which takes you travelling musically as well.

Though this is very set in its ways of Electro and Techno, you do find that the music travels to all sorts of sound. You may not know where the hell the artist has been, but there is inspiration in each track creating its own unique sound that makes you want to listen, but the same time, want to move onto the next track to see how much it moves on. But while achieving this, there are some seamless track changes to be had through cleaver samples and ambient noise.

There is some real experimentation here which has really pulled off for the album; tracks like “Chinatown Bus” with a mono tune place alongside what can be described as a busy bus terminal really gets you set into the surrounding and then following you on with “What Are You Listening To?” which really does beg the question asked as you are lost in a track of very relaxed samples worked into some background noise as it builds ups into a really light track losing yourself in the music.

Although not for those who aren’t into their electro and/or ambient music, this is a great addition to those who do.