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Identifying Marks

Release Date: 2005
Record label: Kanpai Records
Genre(s): Rock


by: Tim Wardyn

The debut album from the California duo Indicia takes the listener to an underground groove that was made famous by groups like Moloko and Sneaker Pimps. Identifying Marks begins with the undeniably catchy "It's Coming Around" which could have actually been an outtake from the Sneaker Pimps Becoming X. Vocalist Betsy Ullery conveys a sexy sincerity that even makes the repetitive chorus of "Corners" ("I can't reach you" is repeated 16 times) sound genuine. While Ullery sexes up the album, David Ward meshes his influences; Uberzone, Dubtribe and Bassbin Twins among others; and lays a sonic backdrop that is perfect for a rave, relaxing on the couch or that seedy brothel downtown. Ward and Ullery have created a sonic wonder that is perfect for anyone who thinks that electronic music is just the rehashing of one beat. Don't be surprised if Indicia start invading more clubs around the nation soon.