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Release Date: 05.25.06
Record label: unsigned
Genre(s): Rock


Shocking... in a Bad Way
by: Neil

Risky and provocative: two words that define this EP which may not be a good thing at all.

Straight into the title track, “Slut” starts with a woman’s orgasm that people will immediately react to one way or another. Unfortunately this is not a good start to the album because depending on what your view is on using “original” samples, the track does not follow up with something of substance; in fact, the album feels more lacking than it is promised (if you are to assume the woman wasn’t faking it).

This is the major problem with the album as a whole, it is missing something; there’s no real depth or progression within the album, it’s more of an ambient movement throughout the whole CD rather than something heard in a club; and even as an ambient album it’s not easy listening but more of a chore. The ambient track itself, “Slut [Ambient Dance Mix]”, there is a real lack of emotion to feel ambient to, but when it does have those moments creep up where you can feel emotion, it is ruined at the last moment with bad sampling of the orgasm causing some what an unplanned suicide attempt.

I can hear this being played in underground clubs (small ones mind you), but the sound isn’t complete enough for a packed out room to dance too, but rather play on the walk-in to drop your coat off.

To not be completely harsh, I can tell there is real potential in this artist to create something moving (listening to other tracks produce there is a real sign of maturity), but with this feel as if it’s trying to be risky and provoke a reaction using none-PC sample, it’s like a punk rock group saying they are pro-Bush; they won’t get credit for being different, just shut away. The artist needs more work on using better samples and working on their equalizers to create something people will want to listen to and not just pass by.

Maybe providing too much critic on a single element but the EP does find this it’s downfall along with the lacklustre of sound making it feel wholly incomplete. Orgasms should be left to the likes of Rob Zombie to sample who can work it well, and more work producing a more solid and filled sound is needed.