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I Want to Be Evil

Release Date: 09.01.08
Record label: Try and Make Me Records
Genre(s): Rock


Who Wants to Get Nasty?
by: Tim Wardyn

Welcome to the soundtrack to Dr. Evil’s life. "I Want to Be Evil" by Giant Jr vs. Eartha Kitt is one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time. It sounds like it came directly from any of the three Austin Powers movies and it has everything. From an electronic (but certainly not techno) beat, to Eartha Kitt sounding as if she was on Broadway to a hint at an Egyptian guitar sound, this song packs everything into an incredibly catchy three-minute song. Kitt explains how "I’m tired of being pure and chaste/ I want to go to the devil/ I want to be evil." This is a song that gets in your head and stays there. While there are three other throwaway songs (two remixes and the techno "Iced Rats"), the single is prize on this disc. You will not be disappointed.