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Blue Sky Objective

Release Date:
Record label: Lens Records
Genre(s): Rock


Emulsion - Blue Sky Objective
by: Claire Mapletoft

Emulsion - Blue Sky Objective

No, you won't find a 'painting' based joke at all in this little review of electronic masterpiece Blue Sky Objective, the debut album from Emulsion. Nigel Koch's - who ultimately is Emulsion ' obsession with the plinky plonkey 8-bit sounds of yore is blatantly obvious as soon as the first track LeftRightLeftRight begins with those NES esque bleeps and bloops.

This is pure electronica through and through, much like that sublime Trash80 production 'Pain Fade Down'. However, Koch's compositions aren't quite as immediately gripping, nor as catchy as those of the aforementioned Trash80, with only 'All Robots On Sale!' particularly standing tall as a more instantaneously memorable track.

But Blue Sky Objective isn't just for electro-heads or gamers. Nope, it seems to transcend genre with catchy beats and emotive melodies. Even your dad might tap his foot to this album. While painting the living room. Damn.