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Bryant Street

Release Date: 02.23.99
Record label: Jive Electro
Genre(s): Rock


All For Love
by: bill aicher

Sunshine and Moonbeam Jones, as the Dubtribe Sound System, have been spreading their message of love, faith, and unity for the past six years. Original in its genre, the sound is a mix of tribal house and DUB.

Unlike many conventional electronic acts, Dubtribe Sound System is a live band. Through a setup of various electronic instruments and a helping of hollered lyrics, Sunshine provides most of the music. Moonbeam adds flair and variation to the mix through manipulation of textures, loops and delays. She also provides her full, sultry singing voice on a few tracks. The music coheses with the addition of various live instruments including strings, percussion, and horns. In the end we have a beautiful mix which can be best described as samba house.

This duo has been spreading their message for years now, but Bryant Street marks their introduction to the masses. Finally rising above underground, indie-label status, their vibrant sound is available to everyone; exactly who they wish to spread the message to.

Rather than taking what has been done, modifying it, and calling it their own, Dubtribe has combined everything from the electronic revolution and added their hearts and souls to the mix. Disco influences are readily apparent, as are current electronic icons including Fatboy Slim, Faithless, and Chemical Brothers. Dubtribe's acceptance of these experts in the field, combined with their own personal vision make this album marvelous.

Throughout the album, the message remains clear: live life to the max, never lose faith, and above all - love. The music is tied emotionally to the lyrics and in the instances where lyrics are absent, the music speaks for itself.

"Wednesday Night" rotates around the chorus "You are beautiful / you are perfect just the way you are." These lyrics, combined with a samba break beat and a beautiful string solo, make this track one of the highlights on the album.

"Ain't Gonna Do You No Good" focuses on the pricelessness of love with hollered lyrics of "You can buy anything you want / you can have all the money in the world / but if you ain't got love child / it ain't gonna do you no good."

Bryant Street may not be music to live by, but it is music to believe in.