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Release Date: 10.31.06
Record label: Lens Records
Genre(s): Rock


I could not stand this album
by: Tim Wardyn

The sounds of Delicate Noise (a.k.a. Mark Andrushko) are what would be playing at a trendy art show, or anything trendy for that matter. "Diversion" is a very dense and tiresome experience that does anything but satisfy.

The titles of his songs show just how intense he tries to portray himself. Tracks like "Innocence is What You Are," "Tinted Nucleus," and "Suitable Ambience" should stimulate something in the brain; some sort of ponderous adrenaline rush or need to discuss something like how gravity works and why we are here. Instead the entire album is just a rotating sphere of fecal matter. Translation: a big pile of crap. Listening to "Diversion" is incredibly annoying. It’s virtually impossible to tell what any of the lyrics are and the music sounds like he’s trying to one-up Massive Attack.

So is "Diversion" electronica for the literate? No. It’s not even close. Andrushko, who is also a theater and independent film actor, said that this is "something personal" and that he "needed to let some of me out." Well, now that his feelings are out, he can file this in the box where he put the other stuff that he’ll never look at again and we can go on pretending that it never existed.