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To Kool Chris, Bobby D, & DJ Markski Chicago's Most Wanted Dance Party

Chicago's Most Wanted Dance Party

Release Date: 07.22.03
Record label: Madacy Records
Genre(s): Rock


Yet Another DJ Mix Album
by: john reed

In a unique move, as DJ's tend to make their own re-mix CD's lately and rarely like to share the spotlight, Chicago DJ's To Kool Chris, Bobby D. and DJ Markski team up - posse style - for this progressive trance collection.

The set moves very fast at times - almost too fast - and kinda reminds one of the cheer mixes that dominated the movie Bring It On.

Bobby D. does tend to deliver the best mix with a set that includes "Set You Free" from N Trance and the can't miss party anthem "Let Me Clear My Throat" (though, not the DJ Kool original take).

All in all a great party mix, though one would get winded booty shaking up with that pace for a too long. 02-Jan-2003 10:30 PM