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Brazilian Love Affair 3

Release Date: 05.14.02
Record label: Far Out
Genre(s): Rock


Sultry Summer Nights
by: bill aicher

Chill out albums are a dime a dozen these days with virtually every label and every artist joining the bandwagon - eager to embrace what is quickly becoming the latest and greatest musical trend. Truthfully, many of these albums are superb eclectic mixes, for their eclecticism is often what makes one stand out from another.

Far Out Recordings' Brazilian Love Affair 3, however, is an entirely different breed of chill-out session. For this album, Far Out ventured deep into their back catalog of Brazilian artists' offerings, occasionally adding a brilliant new track interspersed throughout.

Brazilian Love Affair 3 is a deeply sensual mix of some of the most beautiful music you'll ever hear. The rhythmic drums, enchanting tribal vocals, and intimate demeanor create nothing short of some of the most blissful beats ever combined for an album. It's a collection perfect for a summer evening, or a laid-back summer's day.

Any fan of chill-out music such as the "Back to Mine" series or anyone simply interested in experiencing some of the most seductive Bossa Nova in the Western Hemisphere will be more than pleased. Definitely worth the investment - if you come across a copy it's not to be missed. 08-Jul-2002 11:00 PM