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Basement Jaxx


Release Date: 06.26.01
Record label: astralwerks
Genre(s): Rock


Keep on Giving Me the Hold-Up
by: tom reiter

"Brixton is shit. We should start doing a party." - DJ Frank Tope paraphrasing Felix Burton.

Named for where most of the songs on Basement Jaxx's second full length album evolved, "Rooty" is the name of an underground club in Brixton, UK. Started by the Jaxx with some help with some fellow DJs, "Rooty" was formed as an alternative to the usual "hip and trendy" nightclubs in Brixton. The club was looking for more of a youthful vibe, and Rooty (the album) reflects this image.

On the surface, Rooty comes off as a pop-laced attempt to please the mainstream, which is sad to see such talented artists go this route. The lead-in track "Romeo," is evidence enough. It's like someone was trying to produce a pop song only somewhere something went awry and a much more creative and danceable song was conceived. The Jaxx have manipulated it's hook over Jaxx-ified R&B for the first successful single from Rooty.

"Where's Your Head At?", also featured on the Tomb Raider soundtrack, has already gained popularity with DJ's, including none other than Fatboy Slim. A heavy house beat interwoven with a guitar riff from Gary Numan, "Where's Your Head At" is an adrenaline dosage for the booty. Meanwhile, the brain doesn't know if it should dance or head bang.

Basement Jaxx don't stop there, however. They've included a taste of sex on the more typical Jaxx house style "Get Me Off," as well as a little more fun on the gospel jazz oreinted "Do Your Thing". Between these tracks are selections that invoke the feeling of being at a carnival.

This album is meant to deliver thougtless fun, it's not meant to break new barriers in music. Although not as creative as the dancefloor burning album Remedy and their previous works (check out Atlantic Jaxx for that), Rooty still delivers music to get you dancing.