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Release Date: 04.02.02
Record label:
Genre(s): Breakdowns

break/doWn translating the hits for the masses
by: the munk

Ashanti's debut release has taken the Billboard Charts by storm, with her single "Foolish" undoubtedly to blame. But just what is the hottest star of today singing about? What makes her song the biggest song in the United States? Read on for a full translation...

Original Lyrics

See my days are cold without you
But I'm hurtin' while I'm with you
And though my heart can't take no more
I keep on running back to you
See my days are cold without you
But I'm hurtin' while I'm with you
And though my heart can't take no more
I keep on running back to you

Baby I don't know why ya treatin me so bad
You said you love me, no one above me
And I was all you had
And though my heart is eating for ya
I can't stop crying
I don't know how
I allow you to treat me this way and still I stay.

Repeat Chorus
Baby I don't know why ya wanna do me wrong
See when I'm home, I'm all alone
And you are always gone
And boy, you know I really love you
I can't deny
I can't see how you could bring me to so many tears
after all these years

Repeat Chorus
I trusted you, I trusted you
So sad, so sad
What love will make you do
All the things that we accept
Be the things that we regret
To all of my ladies (ladies) feel me
C'mon sing wit me
See, when I get the strength to leave
You always tell me that you need me
And I'm weak cause I believe you
And I'm mad because I love you
So I stop and think that maybe
You can learn to appreciate me
Then it all remains the same that
You ain't never gonna change
(never gonna change, never gonna change)

Repeat Chorus
Baby why you hurt me leave me and desert me
Boy I gave you all my heart
And all you do is tear it up
Looking out my window
Knowing that I should go
Even when I pack my bags
This something always hold me back


It sure is lonely in my world without you
But, my world is horrible with you in it, too.
I have put up with too much crap from you
But for some reason I just can't walk away from you for good.

Who do you think you are?
You even said those three little words and that you were monogamous
That I was your one and only
I'm desperate for your attention and approval
But your behavior has brought me to tears, you jerk!
And although I know that deep down you are a complete ass and that you treat
me horribly, I will probably take you back.

Repeat Chorus
I don't know what I did to you to deserve this kind of treatment
Because when I tell you that I am giving all of my love to you, I'm not lying.
Come to think of it, you're the one always running around with
your boys..
But you know that I'll eventually forgive your infidelities.
The sad thing is, you're probably right.
I have spent so much time crying over you. It's pathetic!!!

Repeat Chorus
I trusted you sooo much!
It's such a pathetic situation.
You see, I live by the philosophy of forgive and forget
Even if it means forgiving my boyfriend for cheating on me - multiple times
So ladies, if you know what it's like to have such low self esteem that you don't drop the zero and wait for a man that truly deserves you,
Then join with me in song!
And another thing, you big jerk,
When I would threaten to leave you during past fights, you would be the one begging me not to go.
I can't believe that I fall for that baby, I swear, I'll try to change
But then I start to think, "Hey, maybe I can change him."
And I start to fantasize about what it would be like
If you would be sensitive and care about my feelings
But then I snap out of it and realize that it probably won't ever happen.
That you'll always be a cheating, lying scumbag.

Repeat Chorus
Why do you do this to me - break my trust and abandon me?
I gave you everything, my heart included.
And you threw it on the ground and stepped on it.
So, I have one foot out the door
Knowing deep in my heart that I should leave you for good and not look back
And my bags are packed and ready to go
I have 1000 reasons for walking out this door right now and having you out of my life for good.
But there's one that will stop me every time..
I just cant put my finger on it.